Happy Birthday National Gallery!

Today is the National Gallery of Art's (Washington D.C) 75th anniversary!! Established by Congress in 1937 with the donation of Andrew W. Mellon's large art collection, and whose Educational and Charitable Trust also funded the construction of the West Building, the collection has grown and expanded well into the 21st century. On March 17, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt accepted the building and the collection on behalf of the American people. Mr. Mellon's gifts were soon followed by major donations from other collections and in 1978, the East Building was accepted for the nation by President Jimmy Carter. 

The National Gallery on the National Mall, Washington D.C. 

There doesn’t seem to be any fanfare on the National Gallery website so I am going to assume they will celebrate in 2016 (75th anniversary of the building’s completion). In any case, the collection is wonderful, the building is fantastic and I can’t wait for another visit! 

(Source: historyorb.com)

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